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About Traducta

An overview of the Leading Translation Service Provider

Why do companies like ADP, Samsung, Black & Decker, Bosch, Philips, and Thermos hire us? Because they can’t afford not to.

Our founder, Yves Desjardins, started translating English documents into Canadian French in 1978. He quickly saw the need for a more professional approach to business translation. So he built a team of translators with specific industry expertise and put them together in one office, so they could support and mentor each other.

He insisted that his translators specialize in a business process or industry, and take courses and stay current so their language never gets stale or out-dated.

He saw that translators were great with words, but not so much with project management and technology. So he financed the development of a proprietary workflow software, and utilized Quality Assurance (QA) systems that allowed the translators to do what they did best while still keeping projects on track.

Traducta’s workflows take advantage of specialized, highly advanced Translation Memory software. Basically, it separates the content from the file format and turns all language into text segments. Whether your file is in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quark, InDesign, HTML, XML, or Framemaker, we extract the translatable text and our translators go to town. Then, after extensive QA, your project manager converts the translation from the Translation Memory environment back into its native format.

It’s simple, you give us InDesign, you get back InDesign. You let us worry about all the steps in the middle.

Oh, and here’s another valuable thing about our Translation Memory environment: your message gets translated consistently, the same way, document after document. When you send us a new document, we automatically compare the source deck to your previously translated material. That maintains translation and terminology consistency, speeds up our workflow, and saves you money.

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