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Leading Translation Services

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Leading Translation Services

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Translating over 15 Million words per year!

Translation is all about the communication of meaning. You have ideas, messages, technical processes, legal requirements that you need to convey to speakers of other languages. You need them to understand exactly what you mean. You don’t want to bore them, or offend them, or leave them confused.

Since the Tower of Babel, the existence of different languages has thwarted our attempts to understand each other. And even when the linguistic part of the language barrier can be overcome, the cultural barriers remain. Think of G.B. Shaw’s quote, “England and America are two countries separated by a common language.”

Or as Ira Gershwin put it, “You say pot-ay-to, I say po-tah-to… let’s call the whole thing off.”

OK, so that mini-rant was just to help you appreciate Traducta a little more. Because our mission is to communicate your meaning, precisely and elegantly, so that your words accomplish the same things in a foreign tongue as they do in your own.

Translation at that level requires more than book knowledge of two different languages. We’ve got to be translation experts, sure, but that’s not nearly enough. We also have to be industry experts in fields ranging from Retail to Transport to Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical; not only that, we must be process experts in IT, HR, Marketing, and Online Marketing (including search engine optimization).

But wait; there’s more! We also have to be masters of dozens of file formats, from PowerPoint and Word to Quark, InDesign, Framemaker, AutoCAD, and more.

Oh, and did we mention that we have to be top-notch project managers as well?

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Good thing we didn’t know back in 1978 everything we’d have to do to become the leading translation firm in Canada. We would have been too overwhelmed to take the first step.

But that’s where we are. And from that place, we are at your service.

With our core network of in-house translators and leading translation executives, our translation services range from document translation and translation of manuals to multimedia translation.

As a full-service firm in business since 1978, we’ve grown to handle any language combination for virtually any file format for a wide range of industries.

How we work with you

Translation services are the steps we perform in order to take the submitted source document and return it as a document in the requested language.

First, Traducta becomes your translation service partner. The word “partner” is overused in business, so we’d better define precisely what we mean by the term.

Traducta doesn’t just receive your document and grind out a translation. First, we work with you to understand the nuances of your business. Even if we’ve worked in your industry for years, your business is unique. You have your own corporate culture, and that includes your own way of saying things.

Traducta assigns industry professionals who take pride in producing the very best language output possible for your target audience. We record your specific corporate terminology preferences to ensure consistency throughout all your internal and external-facing translated material.

Our employees and translation partners are top-notch, but we still make them go through rigorous workflow and Quality Assurance processes for every job they do. We think of these processes like the pre-flight checklist. We know how much is riding on every document you entrust to us.

Our translation processes ensure your material adheres to your general preferences and style requirements. These streamlined translation processes combined with our in-house translation professionals and the most advanced technology available to the language industry enable Traducta to guarantee accurate and elegant results, every time.

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