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Marketing Translation and Online Marketing Translation Services

Marketing is hard enough in our native tongues! Think how challenging it is to get the message, the offer, the wording, and the images just right. How sensitive the market is to slight shifts in nuance or emphasis. How many millions of dollars ride on such a simple thing as a website button that says “Buy Now” or “Pay Now.”

When you launch or promote your products and services in a foreign language, those challenges multiply and intensify. If your company has done all the thinking and creating and testing and tweaking to produce a message that works, you can’t afford to risk all that on a less than perfect translation.

Marketing to a foreign audience has to be appropriate, inoffensive and 100 percent correct.

Now your mistranslations may not be as disastrous as the tales of Coke being translated into Chinese as “bite the wax tadpole” or Africans thinking that Gerber baby food was made of babies (both urban legends, and both untrue, by the way).

But the real disasters in global marketing translation are less outrageous, less funny, and much more commonplace. And they’re completely avoidable, as long as you find a translation partner with three areas of expertise:

1. The languages

That’s a given, that your translator needs to speak, read, and understand both the source and target language as a native speaker. Check.

2. Marketing

Your clever words, alliteration, innuendo, and psychological triggers require much more than a literal translation. They require leading professional marketing translation. If your product “knocks it out of the park” for Americans, will it make sense when Germans hear that it “klopft es aus dem Park”? What Park? What klopft? Huh?

Traducta employs an in-house marketing specialist who ensures that your marketing translations are flawless and as compelling in the target language as in the original.

3. Your Market

It’s been said that understanding your market is more important than proficiency in marketing tactics. While Traducta is, on the surface, a translation company, that’s just the deliverable. What we are, at our core, are cultural alchemists – able to translate universal human concepts frictionlessly across lines of language, region, sensibility, and culture.

Understanding the culture of your target market is as important as knowing the rules of grammar and syntax. Think how differently companies market their products in English in different regions of the US and Canada. If your translation company gives you the same copy for Spain, Argentina, and Mexico, you’ll be lucky to succeed in one of those countries, let alone all three.

We understand that global competition is fierce. Understand? That’s an understatement – we live it every day, same as you!

Since 1978, Traducta has been translating marketing messages to suit each specific environment and culture.

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Look to Traducta for:

  • Website Translation, Web Translation
  • Brochure Translation
  • Packaging Translation and Design/Layout.
  • Newsletter Translation
  • Press Release Translation
  • Catalogue Translation
  • E-Learning Translation
  • PowerPoint Presentation Translation
  • E-Mail Campaign Translation and Landing page Translation
  • Online content Translation respecting keyword density and SEO objectives
  • Image Translation
  • Flash File Translation
  • Promotional Video Translation

We’ve made our reputation by protecting and enhancing the reputation of our clients around the world. If you need flawless and powerful marketing materials for your global efforts, we invite you to give out a shout. We’ll knock it out of the park for you.

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