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Retail Translation Services

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Retail Translation Services

You ever notice how products translate a lot more easily than words?

Allowing for variation, consumers around the world seem to like pretty much the same things. And through global trade and the Web, it’s getting easier and easier to distribute and market your stuff in the global economy.

Words, though, are a different story.

How you communicate to your consumers can greatly affect sales. Even the world’s best products don’t sell themselves; they require marketing. And no doubt your marketing department spends loads of time and money testing and refining and delivering effective marketing messages in your native language.

It’s the definition of a crying shame that so many sharp and powerful marketing messages get lost in translation. When translators don’t understand the product well enough, or aren’t fluent in the local dialects and cultural sensibilities, you have a recipe for mediocre marketing and low-grade retail disasters.

On the other hand, stellar translations of your product descriptions, sales, and policies enable your products to succeed around the world. In print, via broadcast media, and more and more through your own Website, you can maximize global sales through retail translations from highly specialized professionals.

Traducta is the leading Canadian translation firm for Retail companies and professionals requiring specialized retail translation services.

They trust us, year after year, because we’ve shown them that retail translation can be a profit center, rather than a “necessary evil.”

From brochures and catalogues, to privacy and return policies to e-mail and Websites, includes e-stores, Traducta has the experience and expertise to expand your sales simply by tapping into vast new markets.

Oh, and here’s one more unexpected area of expertise: multilingual search engine optimization. Meaning, what’s the point of having us translate your Website if the local search engine isn’t going to be able to find and index it? We’re fluent not only in human languages, but in how humans around the world have programmed their search engines to find and rank Web pages. Our team can help you get top ranking on Google, Baidu, and Tandex, among others.

It’s much easier to get a new audience than a new product. An investment in high quality translation of your retail material can produce a huge return on investment if you sell things that people around the world want.

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Look to Traducta for:

  • Brochure and Catalogue Translation
  • Promotional Translation
  • Privacy Policy Translation
  • Return Policy Translation
  • Policy Translation
  • E-mail Campaigns Translation
  • Product Description Translation
  • Website Translation
  • E-Store Translation (E-Store Localization)
  • Multilingual SEO (Translation)
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