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Mishandled translations can be more than costly. A single, glaring mistake can quickly go viral, damage a company’s image, and bring about significant economic repercussions. Our range of language services will not only help you avoid these situations, but they will also help improve your brand’s reputation.

  • Translation
    Whether translating a single document into one language, or a thousand documents into 20 languages, our turnkey multilingual translation services can help. These include:
    • Project analysis and preparation by an experienced manager;
    • Translation into the language of your choice by a specialist in your field;
    • Revision by a second specialist;
    • Final proofreading and quality assurance.
  • Post-Editing
    If you are looking to cut costs and save time, or if a particular text requires less attention and scrutiny than a more thorough translation, our post-editing services:
    • Include revision and proofreading to clarify content and improve the flow of a machine translation;
    • Offer a faster, simplified process ideal for lower priority communications or for simple text comprehension.
  • Terminology Management
    Our terminology management services, which are an integral part of our translation process, include:
    • The assurance that terminology specific to your company and field is standardized and used consistently;
    • The possibility of “à la carte” consultation for creating lexicons or for special projects.
  • Localization
    If you are looking to adapt your translations for a specific culture, region or market, our standard localization process includes the following services:
    • The use of idiomatic expressions;
    • Compliance with grammatical norms and linguistic nuances;
    • The integration of local preferences;
    • A tone that is appropriate for the target audience.
  • Adaptation
    As the word suggests, our transcreation services provide:
    • Creative translations that carry the meaning, not just the words;
    • A tone of voice that is specifically tailored to the target audience in a marketing, communication, or advertising context;
    • Text length adaptation to suit the intended media type, along with the client’s requirements.
  • Proofreading
    Our proofreading services can meet a variety of needs. These include:
    • Bilingual proofreading of a previously translated text to ensure its quality and consistency with the original;
    • Unilingual proofreading to ensure grammatical quality, fluidity and coherence, independent of any source text.
  • Desktop Publishing
    If your translation requires modifications using specialized software, Traducta can help make your life easier and avoid unnecessary headaches. Fewer suppliers means lower risk of error. Our team of experts will:
    • Recreate your documents in a version that is faithful to the original;
    • Format the translated text using specialized software.
  • Multimedia Services
    Looking to translate video footage without the original script? Try our transcription and subtitling services. We will:
    • Transcribe text in the original language;
    • Translate the transcribed text into the required target language for subtitling;
    • Subtitle the video in the target language;
    • Deliver the final files which are now ready for broadcast.
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for all

Not only do our professional translators speak your language, but they also specialize in translations intended for your specific field of expertise:

  • Life Sciences/Health
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Consumer Products

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Your language gateway to the Americas. And far beyond.

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Our expertise is a reflection
of our clients’

For over 40 years, our clients have placed their trust in us. Why? There is no finer option.

Founded in 1978, Traducta comes with a wealth of history and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With decades of experience, the company has grown into a renowned firm that is recognized for its unrivalled quality. In 2023, a new era began when the company was purchased by three key employees. Eager to build on Traducta’s rich heritage, these new owners brought a modern touch, along with an ongoing commitment to serve their clients with passion, innovation and dedication.

The company excels at translating and localizing content in several languages, including French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. This level of expertise enables us to cater to our clients’ specific needs while ensuring consistency for their campaigns across the Americas, and far beyond.

The company continues to invest in new technologies to provide innovative and tailor-made solutions that meet the most stringent quality and efficiency requirements in an ever-changing environment.

Its rigorous process for selecting and hiring talent brings together translators and managers who share a common vision and embody our mission with passion and skill. It is no surprise that clients from every corner of the Americas continue to call upon our range of services to address their various needs. For more than 40 years, their loyalty has been the measure of our excellence. We continue to reinvent this excellence.

Beyond words.

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